Women's Day 2021

I spent the whole weekend thinking about what Women's Day actually means to me and truly I don't know if I am actually now more confused. Should it be a day that is celebratory - but for so many women the journey has hardly begun, although we have made progress - like I said still very confused!

However interims of Kwanele it is a celebration. I am so glad to have started this journey and already we have come so far. Last week I was humbled by the amount of women that showed an interest to sit on the board. It seams so fitting today that things are moving the way they are. Today we are launching a small fundraising campaign to run focus groups in communities around Cape Town. These will be made up of victims of Gender Based Violence to guide us through this process, help us identify where the greatest needs are and where we can offer support. These groups will guide us in what functions we will put on the app and will be core in developing our strategy. So join us in our campaign - help us share it and help us with our journey. Join us in giving a voice to those who are not heard!

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