Ntsitile Ramone


Ntsitile Ramone is an MBA graduate from Wits Business School in Parktown, Johannesburg. She holds a B.Com. Hons degree in Business Sciences from the University of the Witwatersrand obtained in 2016. She also holds a B. Com Financial Management degree from the University of the Free State, obtained in 2014. Ntsitile is a meticulous creative who is passionate about gender and equality studies hence her advocacy in initiatives that embrace Diversity and Inclusion.

Ntsitile is the founder and CEO of a Management Consultancy firm, (NSR Management Consultants) based in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She has solid experience in finance and operations, business acceleration and development, strategy as well as governance. Currently, she is collaborating with various institutions to help girl children and women to engage and participate in entrepreneurial activities, which will not only help them make an income and alleviate poverty, but will also have a social impact in broader perspective in their respective communities.

She is an advocate against gender-based violence and an activist of gender based equality. She also has a passion for learning and continuous development hence she will pursue of a post-doctoral degree in the near future.