Michael E. Bryant, BSc,MA,MBA,CPA,CBE

Non-Executive Director and Interim Chairman

Michael E. Bryant has served for more than 30 years as an International Businessman, Government Advisor, Supervisory Board Member, Advisory Board Member, Entrepreneur, and Educator. His career and professional activities span multiple industries and sectors, including: defense, aerospace, low-tech manufacturing, industrial services, mining (gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead), investment banking, fintech, auditing, accounting, music promotion, online gaming, cross-border payments, web development, programming, higher education, secondary education, entrepreneurship education, quantitative finance, artificial intelligence & machine learning, blockchain, and quantum computing.

His functional experience covers virtually all areas of business, including: finance, accounting, marketing, sales, operations, legal, management, strategic planning, business planning, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate turnaround. He has acquired several companies during his career, and started up several more, most with successful exits.

Michael has on the ground experience in more than 60 countries, and has lived and worked for more than one-third of his life outside of his native United States. He has personally advised several sitting country presidents, ruling families, and ultra high net worth individuals. He served a political appointment at The White House, as well as a Presidential appointment to serve at the Department of Defense on the high-powered, 15-member Senior Advisory Group to the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, in his capacity as the Commander of the US Military's European Command (US EUCOM), which at the time had in its Area of Responsibility all of the countries of Europe and Africa.

Michael has been a member of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations ( in New York since 2000.

Michael is married, and has three children.